Most frequent questions and answers

As you also knows that we can not play GTA5 without log into Steam/Social Club/PS4 so we need your account login details.

We have different methods we use to add Money,Rank and Unlocks. We logs into your game account using your login details you provide us in order and boost up your account as per your order.

No, It’s not possible  to get Banned on GTA 5 from our Service. We are essentially the act of allowing a higher-skilled player to log into your account, play game with Private methods and ‘boost’ your account as per your order.

If you are playing game using Steam then Steam Username and Password. If you are playing using Retail version, Social Club then Login mail and Password and if playing on PS4 then PSN, PSN login mail and Password.

We can not log into your Steam/Social Club/PSN account if you will keep Steam Guard/2 Step verification enabled! Also, We can not communicate with you for Steam Code/2 step verification code while logging into your account cause they gets expired in some seconds/minutes and that will interrupt order process and make the order delivery late.

Yes,Your game login details and Payment details are 100% secure. We are using encrypted database system which makes your payment details fully secure and our automated system deletes all your game account details after order completion. That means no one can steal anything which is yours!

As we have mentioned on site, For PC order 1 – 3 business days and For PS4 order 3 – 7 days. But you can purchase Delivery Package of your choice to fasten your order delivery from Instant Delivery page on site.

We have provided 3 ways to contact us. Mail, Live messenger chat on site and Discord.

Use Discord to get fast response. You can see icon on site, just click and it will redirect you to us!

Yes, We do refund in 24 hours after requesting for it. There is only one way to get refund, Join our Discord Community server and contact the Owner of PrimeModz. You can not get refund if,

We have started processing your order OR Your order is already delivered/completed.

In order to make sure your order could be delivered properly you have to keep your PS4 turned off until we complete/deliver your order.

But you can use your PS4 if you have another PSN account.

PC Boosts are easy to complete and also needs lower time than PS4 boosts. Because we need more human work and time to boost PS4 money, the prices of it are higher than PC Boosts.

We have delivered/completed more than 2000 orders in 2019. We have a Discord community server where you also can join, talk and ask to other people who have purchased our service multiple times.

Your Order-ID always appears on screen after order placed but if you missed to note it, don’t worry!

You can get your Order-ID from the PayPal transaction receipt. Find a number which has 4 digits in receipt. It looks like WC-1234

Your Order-ID is the thing which will help us to support you, give your proper response regarding your order. If you may need to ask or inquire anything related your order then we will ask you for your Order-ID.

We have 2 different things we use to add money in your GTA5 Online PS4 game account. We adds money in bank (If lower than 20 Million Money Boost order) OR we adds some amount in Bank and remaining money amount as different vehicles which you can sell and get your full money in-game as per your order (If purchased more than 15 Million Money Boost).

Adding full amount (if order is of more than 15 Million Money) has chances of Money Reversal by Rockstar. So to make sure you do not lose your money ever after completing your order we adds vehicles which you can sell 2 or 3 every day without any risk of money reversal. (Sell one vehicle and see how much you are getting per vehicle and calculate with the number of the vehicles we have added to know your order is delivered properly).

No, We are receiving lots of orders daily. So we can not mail each and everyone to inform about it. We will send you mail if we will find any issue to process your order OR when your order will be completed.

We have lots of orders on list, also getting many orders daily. And we delivers each and every order as per queue. In this case, if you will purchase any delivery package then your order will be on top of the queue and will be delivered faster/in time of package. Buying Delivery Package means you are buying Time!

Yes, You can buy delivery package of your choice even you already have purchased any boost of your choice.

All you need to do is, add your ordered boost’s Order-ID in “Additional Note” of Delivery Package order and we will deliver your order as per the delivery package time-frame.

If you want to buy more faster delivery package than we have provided on site. You can simply join Our Discord Community Server and Contact Owner of PrimeModz to buy fastest Delivery Package of your choice.

We have listed all prices in EURO. But as per PayPal system, PayPal will convert the prices of anything which you added in cart into the currency which you have set as your “Primary Currency” in your PayPal account while the process of check out.

No, We have only PayPal to accept the money at this moment. We are planning to arrange more payment gateways to our site to make comfortable to pay.

Late Order Delivery is almost impossible thing on PrimeModz. And by any chance, by any cause if you will get your order delivery late then we will make sure to give you more than you ordered as compensation for free.

Monday to Friday is our business days. But there are some others days too when our work is off. For example, Christmas Day, Diwali etc,. Because we have workers from different regions we have to be off on their religious days also.

Have any Question? Join us on Discord!

Tap on the Discord icon and it will redirect you to our Discord server.Reach us any time and get response more faster.